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Kora ogrodowa | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - substraty i podłoża torfowe, dachowe, kora

Kora ogrodowa


• Plant mulching

• Inhibits weed seed germination due to natural substances

• It protects the soil from drying out, improves its heat management and prevents crusting

• Enriches the garden with humus substances

• Is a decorative element in the garden, naturally blends with plants

• Restricts access to snails

• Mulching of playgrounds for children (fraction 10-20 and 20-40 mm)


• Bark of conifers (may contain a small amount of wood and bark of deciduous trees)


Faction to choose :

• 10-20 mm

• 20-40 mm

• 40-80 mm

Sposób użycia

• Bark can be used all year round

• Before pouring, remove weeds and stones from mulching

• Bark should be scattered over a selected surface with a layer of 5-10 cm, do not rake and mix with the ground

Dostępne opakowania

80L - 36 pcs. / palett