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Kik Mix CITY | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark
Zieleń miejska

Kik Mix CITY

Substrates for gardens and urban greenery

Offer for gardening companies

The Kik Mix CITY product line is intended only for gardening companies.

For many years we have been cooperating with designers and contractors of urban greenery and gardens throughout Poland.

Our Kik Mix CITY products

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Green tracks

By modernizing tram routes, cities obtain subsidies for more ecological solutions and undertake investments in establishing greenery on railway tracks. For several years, we have been supporting this direction by taking part in research and providing substrates for various projects for lawns and stonecrops.

Nasadzenia drzew

Structural substrates for planting large trees

We provide substrates for planting along roads, sidewalks with increased load-bearing capacity so that tree roots can grow despite the limited space for roots.

Krzewy i trawy

Substrates for planting shrubs and ornamental grasses

Limited organic matter content. Dedicated chemical composition.

Kora ogrodowa

Garden bark

We ensure the availability of various granulations. We recommend cheaper fractions for large-scale projects. Exclusive factions will work great in highly exposed areas.

Various delivery methods

Choose the best one for you.



80 lub 250 litrów.


Big bags

1500 – 3000 liters.

Big bal

Pressed big bals

4000 – 6000 litrers.



Dump trucks transport.


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