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Sphagnum peat moss | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


Sphagnum peat moss is a natural plant product with no additives. Sphagnum peat moss has an open structure, thanks to which air gets to the roots easily. It is also able to store huge amounts of water, like a sponge. It comes from the largest peat bogs in Europe and hence it is clean and safe.


• Cultivating acidophilic plants

• Improvement of air and water properties of sandy or heavy and compacted soils

• Improving the soil structure

• A valuable source of humus

• Mulching of plants and animal farms


• Sphagnum peat moss (Organic matter above 85%)

• Salinity below 1.0 g/l


• Mechanically pressed product. Loosen and water it before use

• The peat must not dry during the cultivation


Scatter evenly, moisturise thoroughly, and work on the surface:

• A new garden: 20–30 l of Kik Mix Expert Peat Moss per 1 m²

• Plant strengthening: 5–7,5 l of Kik Mix Expert Peat Moss per 1 m²

Planting trees and shrubs

• Dig an appropriate hole, mix Kik Mix Expert Peat Moss 1:1 with the local soil before planting and moisturise well

• Put the plant into the hole, press moderately and water thoroughly


• Scatter a 3 cm layer of Kik Mix Expert Peat Moss and moisturise well

• The product prevents soil drying and offers excellent plant protection in winter

Available packages

80L - 42 pcs. / palett

250L - 18 pcs. / palett