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Active Mix universal substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Growing indoor plants with moderate needs

• Setting up vegetable gardens

• Transplanting into pots and hanging baskets

• Transplanting trees and shrubs

• Growing balcony flowers


• Peat

• Green compost

• Composted bark

• Chalk

• Fertilizer


• Salinity: 0,5-2,5g/l

• Structure: 0-40mm


• The best time to transplant plants is spring and summer

• Mechanically pressed product, recommended before use loosen and, if necessary, when the substrate is dry, soak it with water

• The day before transplanting, the plant should be watered abundantly

Transplanting into pots

• Choose a clean pot with drainage holes larger than the root ball

• Pour drainage at the bottom of the pot e.g. expanded clay, and then Active Mix universal substrate

• Put the plant in and fill the pot with substrate 2 cm below the edge

• After transplanting, lightly knead the soil and water it moderately

Transplanting trees and shrubs

• Dig a hole approximately 30% larger than the root ball

• Fill it partially with Active Mix universal substrate

• We insert the root ball and fill the rest of the hole with Active Mix universal substrate

Ground plants / greengrocer

• Spread the Active Mix universal substrate to a depth of about 15-30 cm

• Plant plants

• Immediately after transplanting, water moderately

• Fertilize 6–8 weeks after replanting

Available packages

20L - 120 pcs. / palett

50L - 51 pcs. / palett