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Seeding substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


Ready-made, professional peat substrate for gardeners. Intended for sowing, pricking out and cultivating seedlings of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Provides optimal conditions for seed germination and healthy development of roots at the first stage of growth. Its special composition maintains constant humidity and stable texture.


• The substrate is intended for sowing seeds, pricking out and cultivating seedlingsof flowers, vegetables and herbs

• t is recommended especially for plants at early development stages

• It is perfect for tunnels and greenhouses

• It is adapted to different cultivation methods, including trays, multi-pots, pallets, pots, cylinders and bags, and also in the ground etc.


• Fractionated fine milled high peat provides excellent (fine) texture, facilitating young vegetable growth

• Black peat improves the substrate water retainability

• The agent modifying peat surface tension improves peat water absorption

• NPK fertilizer 0.5 g/l (12-30-12 + Mg + microelements) with high phosphorus content stimulates root growth

•Chalk stabilizes pH at (in H2O) 5.5–6.5

• Salinity below 1g/l


• Mechanically pressed product. Loosen and water it before use in a way required for your production technology

• he substrate must not dry during the cultivation

• Fertilizer should be added 4 weeks after the cultivation was started

Available packages

80L - 42 pcs. / palett