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Cactus substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Cultivation of most succulents, including: cacti, agave, aloe, prickly pear, echeveria, euphorbia, lithops (live stones)


• Peat

• Perlite

• Coarse-grained sand

• Lava weather

• Chalk

• Fertilizer


• Salnity: < 2,5g/l

• Structure: 0-20mm


• The best time for planting is spring

• The product is mechanically pressed - before use it is recommended to loosen it and, if necessary, when the surface is dry, soak it with water

• On the day before transplanting, water the plant generously


• Choose clean pots with drainage holes larger than the root ball

• Pour drainage to the bottom of the pot, e.g. expanded clay, then cactus substrate

• Insert the plant and fill it with soil up to 2 cm below the edge of the pot

• After transplanting, lightly knead the soil and water moderately


• Succulents prefer well sunny places

Available packages

5L - 100 pcs. / half palett

5L - 360 pcs. / palett