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Colorful Magic Decco wood chips | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark

Colorful Magic Decco wood chips

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Zrębki Magic Deco Kik Krajewscy


• High-quality decoration for a perfect garden design

• Mulching, as a top layer and for decorative purposes

• Can be used indoors, in gardens and in public buildings

• The variety of colors allows you to create different designs

• Suitable for growing even sensitive plants


• Stained wood chips made of debarked, soft wood


• Attractive and long-lasting color

• Waterproof

• Effectively slow the growth of weeds

• Prevent soil drying

• They protect the earth against temperature differences

• Odorless

• Natural pH

• Good aeration guaranteed


• The soil intended for the use of wood chips should be weeded and leveled

• The area for wood chips can be covered with agrotextile or mat

• Before mulching, if necessary, according to the plant requirements, apply fertilizer and water with water

• The best effect is obtained by pouring a layer of wood chips about 5-10 cm thick, which must be leveled and possibly rolled out

Available packages

50L - 42 szt. / palett