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Garden expanded clay | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Decoration

• Drainage and water storage

• Addition to the land

• Hydroponics


• Garden expanded clay


• pH in H2O: 6,0-7,0

• Fraction: 8-16 mm


• Expanded clay is suitable for growing ornamental plants in pots, boxes, for growing trees and shrubs in containers and in the ground

• Can be used all year round


• Nice color and regular structure are the advantages of our expanded clay for use in the decoration of potted plants
• The natural color creates a Mediterranean atmosphere

• Soil covered by expanded clay keeps moisture better (about 3-6 cm)

Drainage and water storage

• Expanded expanded clay poured onto the bottom of a pot or balcony box (about 1-2 cm) facilitates soil drainage by draining excess water

• Absorbs some water and easily gives it back to plants when needed

Addition to the land

• Expanded clay mixed with soil improves water retention, aerates the soil by facilitating gas exchange and provides a durable structure

• Can be used in the home and garden, in containers and in the ground (mix soil with expanded clay in a 9: 1 ratio)


• Due to the large water capacity and light structure, expanded clayite is particularly useful in hydroponics as a homogeneous, independent substrate for ornamental plants

• Red expanded clay granules have a lot of pores and are great air permeable, which provides ideal characteristics for hydroponic crops

• The container should be half filled with expanded clay, the roots of the soil cleaned plant gently arrange on granules and sprinkled with full expanded clay

• Place the water level indicator in the pot

Available packages

2L - 100 pcs. / half palett

2L - 300 pcs. / palett

15L - 30 szt. / half palett

15L - 90 szt. / palett