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Garden substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• For planting in the ground in the garden

• For bedding plants: flowers, herbs, perennials and others

• For growing vegetables

• For the establishment and care of lawns

• For dressing wells before planting decorative and fruit shrubs and trees


• The unique composition of organic and mineral raw materials ensures optimal growth conditions for most types of plants in the garden with medium nutritional requirements

• A mixture of peat and compost effectively stores water, enriches the soil with humus, which stimulates root development and greatly improves the fertility of old garden substrate

• The addition of multi-component, chloride-free fertilizer accelerates plant growth


• Salinity: < 2,0g/l

• Structure: 0-40mm


• The best replanting period is spring

• The product is mechanically pressed, before use it is recommended to loosen the substrate and, if necessary, if it is too dry, moisten it with water


• Use depending on the requirements of plants on a flowerbed

•Can be planted in clean garden substrate (with fertile soil requirements) or mixed 1:1 with native sandy soil (with permeable soil requirements)

Transplanting trees and shrubs

• You should dig a hole about 30% larger than the root ball and fill it partly with garden substrate

• Then we put a tree or shrub with a root ball and fill the rest of the hole with garden substrate

• We compact the substrate and water it moderately
Soil crops / greengrocer

• Spread garden substrate to a depth of approx. 15-30 cm

• Then we plant plants

Practical advice

• Immediately after transplanting, water moderately

• We recommend starting fertilization 6–8 weeks after transplanting

Available packages

50L - 48 pcs. / palett