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Geranium and balcony plants substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Cultivation of most balcony plants, including: geranium, surfinia, begonias, violets, petunia, verbena, pansies, impatiens, fuchsia, and other profusely flowering plants

• Planting in pots and boxes

• On balconies, terraces and in the garden

• Inside and outside buildings


• Peat

• Green compost

• Coconut fiber

• Clay

• Fertilizer


• Salinity: <2,5 g/l

• Structure: 0-20 mm


• The best time for planting is spring
• The product is mechanically pressed - before use it is recommended to loosen it and, if necessary, when the surface is dry, soak it with water

• The day before transplanting, water the plant generously.


• Choose a clean pot or box with drainage holes - larger than the root ball

• Pour the drainage to the bottom of the container (e.g. expanded clay), then partially replenish with geranium substrate

• Carefully remove the root ball, remove gently dead roots, loose the twisted ones

• We put the plant (it should grow at the same depth) and fill the pot with geranium substrateup to 2 cm below the edge

• After transplanting, lightly knead the soil and water it abundantly for the first time
• It is recommended to start fertilizing 3-4 weeks after transplanting

• Geraniums and other balcony plants prefer well sunny places

Soil crops / greengrocer

• Spread the geranium substrate to a depth of about 15-30 cm

• Then we plant plants
• Immediately after transplanting, water moderately
• We recommend starting fertilization 6-8 weeks after transplanting.

Practical advice

• The pot should be at least 20 cm in diameter, the balcony box - at least 15 cm wide
• Containers with smaller dimensions will not provide plants with enough space for the proper growth of the root ball, thanks to which the substrate will dry out very quickly

• Pots with plants should be kept in the constant humidity possible
• A change in the color of the substrate indicates the state of its humidity and the need for watering

• Excessive watering can lead to the development of algae in the so

Available packages

20L - 60 pcs. / half palett

20L - 120 pcs. / palett

50L - 51 pcs. / palett

80L - 36 pcs. / palett