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Lavender substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Uprawa różnych gatunków lawendy

• Uprawa lawendy w donicach i kontenerach w domu (małe okazy), na balkonach i tarasach oraz w ogrodach

• Uprawa lawendy w gruncie

• Ukorzenianie sadzonek lawendy


• Torf

• Keramzyt

• Kompost zielony

• Piasek

• Kreda

• Nawóz


• Salnity: < 2,0 g/l

• Structure: 0-40 mm


• The best time to plant lavender is spring and fall

• The day before transplanting, water the plant

• The product is mechanically pressed - before use, proceed to loosening and, if necessary, when the substrate is dry, soak it with water

• Lavender loves a sunny position, sheltered from the wind, grows well on balconies

Transplanting into pots

• We choose a clean pot with drainage holes, larger than the root ball

• Pour the drainage to the bottom of the pot (e.g. expanded clay), and includes a range for lavender

• Insert the plant and fill the pot up to 2 cm below the edge of the pot

• After transplanting, lightly knead the substrate and water it moderately, without wetting the plant

Transplanting to soil

• We plant lavender at 30-40 cm intervals

• We dig a hole about 30% larger than the root ball and fill it with an area of ​​ lavender substrate

• Then we put a root ball and a hole in the ground to complement the lavender

• Directly after moderate replanting, water the substrate


• Lavender requires fertilization once a year, preferably with garden compost spread 2 cm around the plant


• Lavender does not tolerate large amounts of water and wet locations

• Water in a pot regularly, but moderately, e.g. in the summer 1-2 times a week

• Lavender well developed at constant humidity

• Young plants affected by more frequent watering.


• Lavender hates weed competition


• Is available to make the plant thick and bloom profusely

• Pruned best in autumn (September)

• After flowering, we shorten the shoots by at least half

Available packages

20L - 60 pcs. / half palett

20L - 120 pcs. / palett