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Lawn substrate | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Planting of lawns with sowing and rollers

• Care and regeneration of lawns and grass carpets


• Peat

• Sand

• Compost

• Fertilizer


• Salinity: <2.0 g / l

• Structure: 0-20 mm


• The best time to set up a lawn for sowing are April-May and August-September

• The product is mechanically pressed - before use it is recommended to relax it and, if necessary, when the substrate is dry, soak it with water

• The area for setting up the lawn should be properly prepared, that is, get rid of all weeds, roots, stones, etc. Just before sowing, the soil must be leveled and compacted with a roller

• You can enrich the soil structure 1-2 weeks before sowing by spreading compost or granular manure or by using multi-component mineral fertilizers

• Seeds are best sown on a several centimeter layer (5-10 cm) of soil for lawns, and then cover with a layer (1-2 cm) of the same soil or with peat. The ground is rolled or compacted to press the seeds

• The lawn should be watered regularly (preferably in the morning and evening). The first seeds germinate after about 10 days

• The first mowing should take place when the grass is about 8-10 cm high

Practical advice

• The selection of grass mixtures depends on the type of lawn (e.g. recreational, sports, decorative) and the conditions in which the grass will grow (e.g. sun, shade)

• We recommend starting fertilization 3-4 weeks after setting up the lawn

Available packages

50L - 48 pcs. / palett