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Mulch – year-round protection | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark

Mulch – year-round protection

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Mulcz całoroczna ochrona KiK Krajewscy


Balcony mulch can be used for mulching all year round:

• Different varieties of flowers, including balconies and rebates, in balcony boxes, in pots and containers, in hanging baskets, on balconies and terraces

• Shrubs and trees in the garden and in pots

• Herbs and vegetables

• Plants sensitive to low temperatures, eg roses, during winter


• Pine bark

• Green compost

• Fertilizer


• Organic matter content:> 30%

• Structure: 0-20mm

• Durability and natural appearance

• Tightly covers and protects the ground against the sun, wind and frost, reduces germination and weed development

• Stops water by slowing its evaporation

• It gradually decomposes and enriches the soil with humus

• Year-round mulching on balconies, terraces and gardens

• Improves soil properties


During the growing season

• Remove weeds and clean the mulching site

• Loosen compacted soil or old bedding

• Level the surface
• Spread balcony mulch to a thickness of 4-6 cm

In winter

• Before the first frosts, sprinkle with plants sensitive to cold, form a mound to a height of about 20 cm

• In spring, separate the balcony mulch and leave it as mulch

Available packages

20L - 60 pcs. / half palett

20L - 120 pcs. / palett