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Perlite | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Additive to the growing substrate

• Drainage to the bottom of pots

• Stand-alone substrate in hydroponic and terraponic cultivation

• Protection of soil against drying

• Loosening and aerating soil

• Protection of seedlings against frost

• Protection of plants during transport

• Storage of flower bulbs and tuber


• Perlite


• Fraction: 1-6 mm

• Odourless

• Resistant to the impact of atmospheric factors


Before use, add water to the perlite to reduce dusting.

• Additive to the substrate – pour the perlite into the bottom of a pot or a container or mix it with the substrate in such a way that it occupies 10–30% of the total volume of soil. If the substrate contains sand or any other loosener, reduce the amount of perlite accordingly.

• Drainage to the bottom of pots – pour a 3–5 cm layer of perlite into the bottom of a pot or a container and cover with the substrate.

Available packages

2L - 300 pcs. / palette

7,5L - 216 pcs. / palette