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Soil for cherry laurels | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark


• Growing cherry laurel, buddleia, hellebore, boxwood, lilac, grapevine, garden pink.

• Growing plants in pots and gardens.


• Peat

• Green compost

• Composted bark

• Basalt sand

• Pearlite

• Long-acting NPK fertilizer


• Salinity: < 2,0 g/l
• Texture: 0-40mm


• Best time for repotting: It is recommended to perform repotting in spring or autumn. Repotting cherry laurel in early autumn gives the plant enough time for rooting before winter and regeneration during dormancy.

Product preparation

• The product is mechanically compressed, it is recommended to loosen it before use.

• The dry soil should be moistened with water.

Repotting into a larger pot

• Prepare a clean pot with drainage holes that is larger than the root ball.

• Gently remove the root ball and remove dead roots.

• Pour a layer of drainage, such as expanded clay, into the bottom of the pot.

• Place the plant at an adequate depth, fill the pot with soil to 2 cm below the edge and slightly compact the soil.

• Water the plant abundantly immediately after repotting.

Replanting to the ground

• Dig a hole that is approximately 30% bigger than the root ball.

• Partially fill the hole with our soil.

• Place the plant at an appropriate depth and fill the hole with substrate.

• We recommend starting fertilization 6–8 weeks after replanting.

Practical advice

• Cherry laurel prefers half-shaded and shaded sites. Long-term exposure of leaves to sunlight may result in scorching of the plant.

• It is advisable to cover the cherry laurel with garden bark mulch – it will ensure that the right level of moisture is retained in the soil, which promotes the proper development of the bush. A young plant may require regular watering, especially during periods of the greatest heat and drought.

• Cherry laurel is easy to shape, so you can shape it to your liking and match it to the nature of your garden. It is ideal for a hedge.

Available packages

20L - 120 pcs. / palett