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Kik Mix ROOF | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark
Dachy zielone

Kik Mix ROOF

Substrates for green roofs

Offer for gardening companies

The Kik Mix ROOF product line is only for gardening companies.

For many years, we have been cooperating with designers and contractors of green roofs throughout Poland.


Discover the strengths of our unique line of substrates for green roofs.


High quality and lowest prices

We follow the FLL guidelines and experience with ten investments. We are certified by the Polish Association “Green Roofs”.

Kik Mix Roof


We manufacture roof substrates for the longest time in Poland. We use about 500 recipes, and we introduce more at the client’s request. We produce, among others intensive, extensive, light, mineral, lava roofing substrates and versions for buildings certified according to Breeam or Leed.


Fast delivery

Thanks to the huge resources of raw materials, a large production plant and experience in logistics throughout Poland.

Various delivery methods

Choose the best one for you.



80 lub 250 litrów.


Big bags

1500 – 3000 liters.

Big bal

Pressed big bals

4000 – 6000 litrers.



Dump trucks transport.


Discover the amazing properties of Kik Mix ROOF substrates.


Water supply

According to the FLL guidelines, the water content of substrates used on extensive roofs should be within 20-35%, and for intensive ones 45%. It is also important that the soil has the ability to re-wet after drying.

Składniki pokarmowe

Supply of nutrients

The limited depth of the vegetation surface on the roof does not provide enough nutrients, so it is important to provide the right amount of organic matter and exchangeable cations.


Oxygen supply

The moist substrate should provide oxygen access for plant roots. It must not cause complete drying or conditions that cause rot and die plants.



The FLL guidelines specify acidity for substances at the level of 6-8.5 pH and for intensive 6.5-9.5 pH. The composition of the substrate should protect against changing the reaction. Otherwise, this would lead to a lack of access to some nutrients.


Space for roots

The substrate must be stable to allow proper rooting of plants and to protect against adverse climatic conditions.


Resistance to kneading and settling

The proper mechanical composition as well as the shape and surface of the grains should ensure the best effect that is resistant to trampling and maintaining the desired structure for a long time.


Resistant to erosion

The substrate must be stable to allow proper rooting of plants and to protect against adverse climatic conditions.


Low flammability

During the warm months, the substrate is exposed to drying, so you should limit flammable ingredients. Proper fire protection of buildings requires the determination of the fire resistance class of substrates.


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