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We support social projects

November 21st 2019

We are very happy to support the Warsaw social initiative by providing the Kik Mix EXPERT flower substrate for the implementation of the social gardening project. What is a social garden? Although there is no precise definition or single model of a social garden, these places have many connections. Their most important features are openness and community. Future garden users are involved in shaping the space, often already at the design stage: they set the rules for shared hosting and determine the location of flower beds, paths, build houses for small and large animals, erect objects of small architecture and garden infrastructure, such as gazebos, composters or rainwater tanks. The participation of residents in the creation of the garden largely determines the spirit of these places. Gardeners, often reaching for second-hand materials, adapting well-known patterns according to the needs of the local environment and their own tastes, half-way between work and play, contribute to informal, friendly places. Friendly not only for people. In many community gardens there are excellent conditions for wild life: songbirds, small mammals, honey plants, microscopic inhabitants of the soil. Community gardens are also an arena for many activities not closely related to gardening; educational and cultural events, various workshops, picnics, integration meetings, intimate concerts and feasts are organized there. The Kik Mix EXPERT flower substrate was used to implement this investment.