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Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw | KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark

Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

November 20th 2019

We are proud of our cooperation with the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Our substrates are used for planting seasonal plants in the Upper Garden and the newly opened Lower Garden. Our substrates help plants maintain healthy, stay in good condition and appearance throughout the growing season. Our bark is used to protect plants against frost and for flowerbed mulching. The gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw received the Special Award of Stefan Starzyński in the 36th competition “Warsaw in flowers and greenery” organized by the Society of Friends of Warsaw and the President of the Capital City of Warsaw, as well as the Special Award of the “Urban Green” monthly . During the implementation of this project among others we used the following products:

Kik Mix sphangum peat moss

Kik Krajewscy garden substrate

Kik Mix CITY garden substrate

Roses substrate

Garden expanded clay

Garden bark fraction 20-40 mm and 40-80 mm