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KIK Ziemskie Produkty - peat substrates, substrates for roofs, bark

Active Mix confiers substrate


DeKora Premium medium fraction

Bio substrate for sowing and herbs


Substrate for green plants


Active Mix universal substrate


Peat substrate

Substrat Torfowy Kik Mix Expert

Hydrangea substrate


Sphagnum peat moss


Seeding substrate

Podłoże do wysiewu Kik Mix Expert

KiK Krajewscy

Substrates for hobbyists


Proffesional substrates and peats

Kik Mix ROOF

Substrates for green roofs

Kik Mix CITY

Substrates for city greenery

Garden bark

Choose fraction and application

Bio substrates

Organic gardening

KIK Ziemskie Produkty

Peat substrates, roof substrates, bark

See what makes us stand out and learn about our rich history

Our mission

We provide solid substrates because we constantly care about the high quality of our recipes and packaging. We are committed to an honest approach to customers and to providing professional technical support. Our products and service bring visible benefits to our customers. Our greatest satisfaction is the respect shown to our company.


We are a substrate expert with over 45 years of experience. Our products have been awarded many times. We produce approximately 4 hectares. We are able to adapt to the client and changing circumstances.

We create beautiful places

We support people who deal with gardening and create beautiful places. We take part in many investments that beautify the urban space. We contributed to the construction of the gardens of the Royal Castle and the Vistula Boulevards in Warsaw. The effects of our professional substrates can also be seen on many streets and tracks in the capital.

Recipe quality

We place great emphasis on the exceptionally repeatable quality of our recipes and the unprecedented variety of raw materials used. We undertake new topics in the field of the so-called soil engineering.

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